There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.


We all carry stories with us that can impact the lives of others in a positive way! With the right support, you can realize your dream of becoming a published author. Your author platform can easily grant you opportunities to speak on stages, lead workshops, and share powerful messages that impact the world.

So, ask yourself, what’s stopping you from going for it? Don’t delay! Let’s get started on the journey to leaving your legacy.

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About Eryka Parker

Eryka Parker is a book coach who has developmentally edited many award-winning books. Over the course of her literary career, she has also ghostwritten dozens of books. She is passionate about giving voices to the stories that define our common passions and experiences and it shines through in her coaching. Eryka brings sincere enthusiasm and excitement to each of her client’s projects. Spurring them on when times get tough and walking with them across the finish line.

Are you ready to realize your dream of sharing your story with the world? If so, contact us today!

We all deserve to lead a full life and leave a lasting legacy!

Published Authors Leaving Their Legacy

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Featured Testimonials

Dr. Jimmie Gray Executive Business Coach, Author of Leadership in Action

Eryka's work is truly outstanding. Her support and guidance as I pursued the path of becoming an author has been invaluable. Her coaching skills are exceptional and I have confidence that she will be able to help you reach your publishing goals. I am eagerly looking forward to our next project!

Book Marketing Client of Legacy Book Coaching and Consulting
Joshua Womack, Author of I'm Not a Copywriter, But... and You Are Not That Funny Designation

Eryka helped me connect the dots as an author. She exposed me to aspects of the book publishing world I wasn't aware of, but I'm glad to know now! If you're serious about maximizing the potential of your book, there's no better person to turn to.

JJ Winston, JD, LISW Mental Health Novelist, Author of The Anniversary, The Commemoration, and The Anniversary Guide to Behavioral Health Workbook

I am a multi-award-winning author of two published novels and a behavioral health workbook. I attribute much of my success to Eryka Parker who is a very supportive and talented developmental editor. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is writing or publishing a book.

Sgt. Corwyn Collier Author of Counted Out: A Look Inside One Sergeant's Physical, Mental, and Spiritual War

Eryka did a phenomenal job of guiding me through the writing and publishing processes. Without her editing skills and support, my book would not have come into fruition.

Jamey Altizer, children's book author
Jamey Altizer Social Emotional Children's Author of Pu, The Stinky Bear & Bobby Bigfoot

I worked on my stories for ten years before my friend recommended Eryka. She not only helped me by developmentally editing all three of my children's books, but she also taught me about the most important parts of the publishing process. I highly recommend Eryka to anyone looking for assistance with their work.

Dr. Erica Joi Glover Author of Centering Student Voice: A Guide For Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Educators and Culturally Responsive Classrooms

I worked with Eryka on my debut guide for educators. She developmentally edited my project and I was very pleased with the results. Eryka also assisted me with book marketing tips and tricks which have helped gain more exposure for my book.

André Sneed, author
André Sneed Poet, Author of Your Perspective is Not My Reality & The Ideology of My Imagination

I worked with Eryka on both of my poetry books. She is very knowledgeable about the publishing process, book marketing, and editing. Whether you're just starting out as an author or working on your next project, I recommend her services.

Karmen Lizzul Founder, Write Your First Novel Masterclass

SPEAKER Testimonial - It was truly a delight to have Eryka Parker speak at my summit, Your First Novel Masterclass. Eryka's magnetic presence infused the entire conference with a dynamic energy and enthusiasm that resonated with every attendee. Selecting Eryka to interview me was the obvious choice among the 20 speakers. Eryka's presentation, Write Better Scenes, became a highlight of the conference, drawing widespread praise from attendees. Eryka's ability to impart knowledge and insights not only captivated the audience but also instilled in them a newfound confidence to approach their writing. Eryka's infectious enthusiasm became a driving force. Her professionalism and passion for the craft elevated the overall conference experience. Eryka's contribution surpassed expectations, making the conference more impactful than we could have envisioned.

J. Everett Prewitt Author of Snake Walkers, winner of ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award, multi-award winning novelist

Eryka is the consummate professional. She is not only a great novelist but also an editor and instructor. She is talented and determined with skills that provide guidance and inspiration...

Tone Robinson Author of The Offensive Playbook: 9 Rules for Guaranteed Real Estate Success

Eryka is a talented writing coach. She understands the nuances of writing and editing. Her style and approach will take your project to the next level. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.

Duvall Brown TakeNotice Visual Media

Tremendous customer service...talented writer and editor with the right mindset for your vision. She transformed our brainstorming conversation into a motivational event.

Ashley Scott Children's Author of The Boy Who Knew How to Believe

Eryka was very helpful with guiding me through the self publishing process. She gave me feedback on my story, developmentally edited it, and connected me with an illustrator. Eryka also taught me the importance of describing in detail how I wanted my illustrations to look so that the illustrator would know exactly how I pictured them. Eryka also provided information on different printing companies and she walked me through copyrighting my book and obtaining an ISBN. She helped me with several other areas of the self publishing process. Eryka helped bring my story to life!

Tiana Williams, CPA Fantasy novelist

Eryka is an amazing editor, business owner, and writer! She has helped make my novel something that I can truly say I'm proud of! She is very professional and will do everything in her power to make your dream of becoming a published author become a reality! If you are working on a book or have written content that you want to develop and publish (fiction or non-fiction), get in contact with Eryka today. [Legacy Book Coaching] has made my authorship journey smooth and most importantly fun.